How To Adjust Sensors

Date: 2022.11.18   Views: 612


How to Adjust Sensors


For Web Guiding

1. Photocell sensor.

- Switch web guiding controller to manual mode.

- Adjust sensor light spot against the edge of paper.

- Adjust sensitivity by rotating the knob on sensor.

- Adjust the light between on and off.

- Switch web guiding controller to auto mode.

- If signal light does not flashing, adjust sensitivity again, until it flashes under auto mode.


2. Ultrasonic sensor.

- Press middle position under manual mode.

- Make sure the material is at sensing area.

- Switch web guiding controller to auto mode.

- Switch to manual mode for adjusting or changing material.


For Print Tracking

Take SICK sensor for reference.

- Focus sensor light spot on blank area.

- Press TEACH button.

- Shift light spot to printed area.

- Press TEACH button again.

- Move the material to see if the indicator light on sensor blinks correspondingly.


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