Automatic Paper Tube Round Disc Inserting Machine/Sprial Paper Tube Disc Loading Machine

Automatic Paper Tube Round Disc Inserting Machine is putting the bottom disc plate into the tubes and pressing it to the bottom after paper tube bottom edge is curled and glued. The Sprial Paper Tube Disc Loading Machine is an ideal accessory machine for paper tube production. The Paper Tube Box Disc Loading Machine is applied to produce tea can, food can , packing can etc.

Paper Composite Tube Production Line is mainly composed of paper web slitting and winding machinepaper tube winding machinepaper core cutting machinepaper tube curling and lid sealing machinepaper tube disc loading and curling machinepaper tube labeling machine, etc.

Main Specification

Diameter range

30-150mm (can be customized)

Max height

30-200mm (adjustable by manual)

Paper tube wall thickness


Rated power

2 KW

Power supply


Air pressure


Max speed

25 pcs/min

Number of operators

1 person

Machine photos

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