Automatic Paper Tube Winding Machine/Spiral Paper Tube Machine

The paper tube winding machine/paper tube box making machine equips with the paper unwinding shelf, paper gluing shelf, paper tube winding and paper tube cutting stations.The spiral tube machine/paper round box making machine is applied in the industries of textiles, plastic, industrial pipe, such as making the roll cores of fabric reel, chemical fiber, airflow spinning, roll film, various packaging tape, electrical adhesive tape, textured paper and double faced adhesive tape etc.

Paper Composite Tube Production Line is mainly composed of paper web slitting and winding machine, paper tube winding machine, paper core cutting machine, paper tube curling and lid sealing machine, paper tube disc loading and curling machine, paper tube labeling machine, etc.


1.  Numerical control servo cutter device, high precision cutting;

2.  Automatically cutting, automatically falling pipe, automatic speed changing and response while cutting;

3.  Computer PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface operation;

4.  Round knife cutting with more smooth incision and more stable performance;

5.  With polyurethane scraper and high carbon steel rubber knife, which is durable in use

6.  United paper holder and glue supplying system, integrated linkage of web guide;

7.  With multifunction waxing paper device and auto stop function when lack of paper.

Main Specification

Number of paper layer

3-16 layers

Tube diameter

20-200 mm

Tube wall-thickness

0.5-10 mm

Winding speed

3-30 m/min

Mainframe size

5200*2000*2000 mm

Area space

12000*8000 mm



Machine Photos

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