Small Size Hot Stamping Machine


The small size hot stamp machine is a latest automatic foil stamping equipment. It is widely used in foil stamping with various kinds of paper and other flat materials, such as invitation card, red pocket, cartons. With foil stamping, the products can be made with more customization and exquisite.


1.         PLC control, easy to operate with one person.

2.        Foil stamping pressure, temperature and time can be adjusted.

3.         The feeding guide can be adjusted in both direction.

4.         Foil stamping plate vertical position can be micro-adjusted through touch screen.

5.         Servo motor for feeding, paper deliver and collecting with sensor for positioning.

6.         Feeding and collecting table work up and down automatically.

7.         Automatic working mode.

8.         With safety protection, machine will automatically stop when sensing operator

9.         approaching dangerous area.

Main Specification

Machine Photos

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