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Everything that has life and death has life. Life is an ability, an ability to grow and reproduce. Enterprises have life and death. Of course, enterprises have life. What is the life of enterprises? That is the information that can affect the development (growth) and sales (reproduction) of enterprises. Information is the life of an enterprise! If the enterprise removes the derivative department, the enterprise has only two departments: one is the production department and the other is the sales department.


1. Enterprise information import and export


a. The production department needs information import


The production department of the enterprise needs information import. What products does the enterprise produce? How to produce? For whom? These need to be determined by importing information from the market. What products do you produce to make money? How to produce products with comparative advantages compared with peers? Who is the customer of the product? What kind of products do customers need? These judgments also require enterprises to import information from the market. No matter how enterprises obtain import information, its application is for the production and development of enterprises.


b. The sales department needs information export


The sales department should export the enterprise's products, services and other information from the enterprise to the market. The market is the place where sales may occur. The larger the information export volume of an enterprise, the more trading opportunities may occur, so the larger the enterprise's market


The production and sales link of an enterprise starts with information and ends with information. Therefore, the development (growth) and sales (reproduction) of an enterprise are determined by information, and information is the life of an enterprise!


2. Enterprise risk


Risk is the possibility of bad things. Possibility is uncertainty. The size of uncertainty is determined by the amount of information. The less information, the greater the uncertainty. On the contrary, the less information, the less uncertainty. Therefore, the risk of an enterprise is determined by the information it has. For example, if we can judge that the house price will fall in the future through information, we will not invest in the house today. We can judge that the price of pork will fall next year through information (News), and we will not raise pigs this year.


3. Information risk


The authenticity of information obtained by enterprises will affect the future of enterprises. The decision-making of production and sales of enterprises is based on information. The decision-making based on false information will bring the enterprise into risk. The information of enterprises' rapid decision-making comes directly from the market rather than from a third party (that is, enterprises should directly obtain information from the market to make decisions on production, processing and sales rather than using the information provided by others). The information from the third party carries risks.


4. How can enterprises obtain real information


Enterprises, markets and customers should have direct communication channels, rather than through any other third party or platform, so as to ensure that the information obtained by enterprises directly comes from the market and customers. These information directly from the market and customers is the basis of enterprise production, sales and services.


Today's world is a world of rapid metabolism. The changes in the last 10 years in the past 100 years have exceeded the sum of the changes in the first 90 years. The life and death of enterprises is just a few years. A century old brand can be built in today's 10 years. This is a surging world. In this constantly changing economic environment, the size of enterprises is no longer determined by the size of enterprises, It is more determined by the information and market owned by the enterprise!

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