CWZD-600C+CS (3 side sealing, Center sealing, Stand up, Ziper)


This machine is for making 3 side sealing, zipper bag , standing bag (doypack bag) and center sealing bag.


1.  Main electric scheme: 4 servo motor for traction, with PLC used Panasonic from Japan., Touch Screen from Taiwan; main driving is alternating current with YASKAWA from JAPAN Transducer, automatic constant tension for unwinding.

2. Thermal-sealing knife’s quantity of heat:

Vertical-sealing adopts 5 groups for heating, cooling fluctuation from up and down;

Vertical sealing adopt 1group for center sealing heating and zipper;

Bottom sealing adopt 3 groups heating, 1 group for cooling .

3. The type of control system: SSF-Ⅱ High speed laminating film bag making machine control system

Main Specification

Speed of bag making


Line speed

≤30 m/min (decided according the material)

Max width of bag


Max height of bag

380mm x Skip (the skip ≤6, which mean the max width size of bag is 380x6=2280mm )

Dimension of roll material

ф600*1200mm (diameter* web-width)

Accuracy of orientation

≤± 0.5mm

Quantity of temperature heating


Bound of temperature

0-300 ℃

Total power


Overall dimension

(L*W*H) 12500×2450×1920mm

Weight of machine

5900 kg


white color of machines, red color for cover and door

Air compressor


Machine photos

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