Demetalizing Machine


This machine is suitable for metalized or hologram embossed BOPP, PET, PVC material, which is able to achieve the partial transparent effect on soft packages, in any position and shapes. Machine is  controlled by PLC, with both water-wash and chemical-wash functions. The chemicals which used in this machine working process are energy saving and environment friendly, with low cost and consumption. This machine is also capable to avoid the damage that might happen to the product during processing, like wrinkling and shrinking. With fast drying system, and ultrasonic automatic web guiding device, the rewinding can be very nicely done.


1.        Ultrasonic web-guiding on rewinder and unwinder.

2.        PLC intelligent temperature control.

3.        Synchronous belt drive of the whole machine.

4.        Automatic control for start and stop squeeze roller.

5.        Fracture alarm device.

6.        PLC constant tension control on rewinder and unwinder.

7.        On-line detection for the PH value of chemical tank.

8.        Primary filtration device for wastewater when water washing.

9.        Fluorine rubber mechanical seal ring.

10.    Adjustable brush speed, adjustable forward and reverse.

11.    Eye flashing lights can be added.

Main Specification

Unwinding and rewinding diameter


Efficient washing width

1100mm (according to different models)

Roller face width


Mechanical speed

120m/min (production speed is related to the ink demetalizing of water washing)

Heating method


Edge uniformity degree in rewinding


Total machine power

25 kw

Chemical washing speed


Water washing speed


Machine photos

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