Dua Spiral Blade Sheet Cutting Machine with Mark tracing


Model SLQ-1400 double spiral blade sheet cutting machineequips with symmetrical upper and lower spiral blades cutting, pneumatic shaft-less unwinding and automatic sheet collecting stations. It has been applied in cutting of the roll material such as the white

cardboard, chrome paper, cultural paper, golden and silver paperboard,location laser paper etc.


1. Cut smoothly, no paper powder, without flagging, fast cutting speed and high accuracy

2. The main electric control system adopts center computer control(PLC)

3. Person-machine interface operation, dynamic display.

4. Constant length servo driving system is imported from German with stable and reliable performance.

5. Unwinding tension is controlled automatically and the air brake is imported from Italy to ensure the tension constant.

6. The material of cutting kives are imported from German to ensure their service life.

7. Paper corner adjusting use international advanced technology to ensure squareness.

8. Feeding speed is automatic adjustment according to the machine speed to ensure single sheet feeding and overlapping feeding smoothly.

9. Automatic material receiving and automatic counting to ensure stacking neatly and counting exactly.

Main Specification

Cutting style

Upper and lower Rotary cutting

Cutting width


Max. diameter of material


Cutting length


Paper thickness range


Max cutting frequency


Max speed


Cutting accuracy


Max height of stacking


Power supply

AC 380V/3P/50Hz

Overall dimensions






About 12000kg

Machine Photos

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