FQL Economic Automatic Film Slitting Machine


This Roll Slitting Machine suits to the slitting of various ultra-large type coiled materials, such as paper, glass paper, aluminum-foil paper, adhesive sticker, film (PVC, BOPP, PET, CPP) for flexible packaging industry. The film slitter can slit and rewind different width of roll materials, which is equipped with PLC control, LPC or EPC web-guiding system. The film slitting machine has round knife and razor knife, respectively for paper slitting and film slitting. It has compact structure and convenient operation with unwinder and rewinders on same side.

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1.        The unwinding system adopts automatic web-guiding system.

2.        PLC and touch screen control

3.        Round blade and razor blade slitting device

4.        Rewinding pressing roller self-weight lay-on type

5.        With cantilever type rewinding structure

Main Specification

Slitting material

15~150um plastic film or paper

Slitting width


Mechanical speed


Slitting speed

200m/min according material

Max unwinding diameter

¢600mm 3 inch air shaft

Max rewinding diameter

¢500mm 3 inch air shaft

Main motor

5.5kw frequency conversion motor

Rewinding tension

2*50NM magnetic clutch

Waste blowing fan

0.75kw 3 phase

Driven style

Synchronous belt and triangle belt

Guiding roller

¢80 AL alloy roller HV700 type

Machine structure

Caston iron and steel plate

Web guiding range

120mm error±0.5mm


AC 380V 3P 50Hz (or other request)

Machine weight

About 2500kg

Machine photos

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