Multi-function Holographic Seamless Embossing Machine


This machine is mainly used for embossing seamless holographic film, which is suitable for holographic embossing seamless BOPP, CPP, rainbow film, pillar film, glitter film, multi-lens film, wire drawing film, and so on. It is widely applied in tobacco, wine, and soft package, transfer film and other holographic packaging fields.


1.        The machine combines two machines, seamless film embossing and film embossing film machine, with double unwinders and double rewinders.It is non-interference, without nickel plate, which saves material cost. The laser can achieve high brightness and high resolution.

2.        It uses PET seamless laser film as mother film, instead of nickel plate. The principle is that the pattern of PET seamless film imprinted on the BOPP. The PET seamless mother laser film can be repeatedly embossed dozens of times. After embossing, the PET film can also be used for package.

3.        It has web-guiding control system, auto feeding, take-up system, which is to make sure the embossing roller surface temperature stabilized at ±1℃, also to ensure that the embossing material is not deformed due to temperature change.

Main specification

Maximum rewinding diameter

700 mm

Maximum winding diameter

700 mm

Embossing speed

20 ~ 60 m/min

Maximum mechanical velocity

80 m/min

Tension control range

3 ~ 25 kgf

Main servo drive motor    

4.4 – 1.8kw

Reel drive motor

2.2 kw



Working power supply


Air compression

0.3 ~ 0.8 Mpa

Hydraulic machine

1case, pressure: 1—10 Mpa

Size of the host machine

1800mmx2200mx1800mm (2 cases)

Machine Photos

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