Shrink Sleeve Inspection Machine


This shrink sleeve inspection machine is designed for doctoring the rewinding and quality control for the film reels, especially for PVC/PET colorful shrink label. During the process of rewinding, it can inspect the label printing quality and sleeve gluing quality, which is an ideal equipment for shrink sleeve production line for flexible package industry.


1.        Cantilevered unwinder with 3" air shaft for fast roll changeover.

2.        Automatic PLC unwind tension control, input material thickness and diameter, tension will be automatic calculate and controlled.

3.        The inspection unit is equipped with stroboscope and photo sensor to help monitoring the printing and sealing quality 

4.        Material traction by CDQC brand AC motor + YASKAWA brand double frequency inverter.

5.        Cantilevered rewinder with 3" air shaft for fast roll changeover.

6.        Automatic rewinding tension control by PLC assure stable rewinding tension and no need to adjust while speed and diameter varied, and guarantee optimum finished products.

7.        PAUSORCE brand ultrasonic EPC Web guiding system provides the accuracy shrink sleeve seaming position.

8.        Rewind drive CDQC brand AC motor + YASKAWA brand double frequency inverter.

9.        Adopted with SIEMENS PLC system providing the accurate and stable control.

Main Specification

Max inspection width


Unwinding diameter


Rewinding diameter


Mechanical speed


Max seaming speed


Material Core Inner Diameter

76 / 3"

Total power


Machine weight


Overall dimension


Machine photos

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