YAD-K2 Rotogravure Printing Machine


This rotogravure printing machine is suitable for printing many kinds of plastic film, paper or other roll materials for flexible packaging industry. It is equipped with non-stop material splicing device, longitudinal and horizontal color register structure, double side printing structure, electronic transmission structure.

Main specification

Technical data                     


inner diameter of core


diameter of material


diameter of printing plate


width of printing


register precision


Max speed


overall dimensions(mm)


total power



1. Independent heavy duty type machine frame

2. Oil immersed type gear box for shaftless plate cylinder loading

3. Unwinding and rewinding with double roll non-stop material splicing

4. Four floating roller and seven motor synchronous closed loop for tension control

5. Japan Fujikura brand low friction air cylinder for tension swing roller control

6. Japan Yaskawa brand frequency inverter for vector frequency conversion motor control

7. Swiftly reaction for speed increasing and decreasing, steady color register, high output

8. With double cooling structure of water cooling and air cooling

9. Double screw rod longitudinal auto color register structure

10. Three direction adjustable double shaft pneumatic control scraping blade (movement: ±6mm)

11. External type independent heating system

12. Touch screen controller for tension controlling

13. High static picture and precision color register system 

14. Lifting type escalator

15. Indirect ink transfer device (Option)

Machine photos

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