How should enterprises prepare in 5G era

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5g is a newly developed higher frequency bandwidth in the radio channel bandwidth, which is mainly characterized by low delay and large capacity.


In the 5g era, it only takes a few tenths of a second for data thousands of miles away to be transmitted here, while in the 4G era, it may take a few seconds or tens of seconds. If there is network congestion during transmission, this time will be as long as a few minutes.


Due to the high cost of 5g network construction, there will be a "4.5g era" in some countries, which is an era of transformation from the current optical fiber network to 5g, which is called the 4.5g era.


Even in the 4.5g era, the data transmission speed is several times to dozens of times that of the 4G era, while in the 5g era, the data transmission speed is hundreds of times that of 4G.


Another feature of the 5g era is network capacity.


In the 4G era, there are only 100000 user terminals supported per square kilometer, while in the 5g era, there are more than 1 million, and the capacity has increased tenfold.


5g era is the era of high-frequency broadband communication. We will never see the phenomenon that communication data is "stuck".


The logic mode of 5g era is the digital analog mode of network neural logic. Therefore, in 5g era, the layered linear calculation mode will be abandoned. The parallelism of data and attribute correlation are the basis for data use. Therefore, attribute correlation and linear correlation are the basis of artificial intelligence. Therefore, real artificial intelligence will be born in 5g era.


From the 5g era, human society has entered the era of "looking at the world by curve": "what you see today is the fruit of yesterday, and what may happen in the future can be seen in the data path of the curve"


Note: The Artical Chinese version is reprinted from ETW

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