Paper Tube Labeling Machine


The HD serial Paper Tube Labeling Machine is also named as paper tube box labeling machine or paper can labeling machine, which equips with automatic paper tube loading system, automatic label gluing and labeling system. This round box labeling machine is suitable for labeling the surface of cans, tea candy, wine cans, packaging cans etc.

Paper Composite Tube Production Line is mainly composed of Paper Tube Winding Machine,Paper Core Cutting Machine,Paper Tube Labeling Machine,Paper Tube Curling and Lid Sealing Machine ,Paper Tube Slitting and Rewinding Machine ,Paper Round Box Bottom Disc Inserting and Curling Machine ,Paper Tube Feeding White Latex Labeling and Cutting MachineServo Motor Paper Tube Curling Machine,Automatic Paper Tube Round Disc Inserting Machine etc.


1.        This machine adopts hot-melt glue to stick paper labels (laminated or without laminated) on circular containers such as wall calendar cans, tea cans, paper tubes, plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc.

2.        Hot-melt glue can be cooled rapidly, and labels can be stuck seamlessly to match can body well, which can process next steps immediately.

3.        PLC control with feeding specification setting, imported clutch and rubber roller makes label feeding stably.

4.        With automatic temperature control, the glue temperature can be accurately kept to the preset value, the advanced heating plate with double layer heat insulation design saves 50% electric.

5.        Gluing thickness has been set before delivery of machine, it is easy and accurate to adjust gluing thickness, which saves the hot-melt glue consumption.

6.        Two gluing adding function (main glue tank and side glue tank) ensures more convenient using.

7.        With the falling guideway, after labeling, the product can be slided down automatically.

Main Specification




Paper Tube Diameter



Label Width



Heating Power



Machine Weight



Overall Dimension



Power Voltage

220v 1P

220v 1P

Air Source



Labeling Speed



Machine Photos

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