Paper Web Slitting & Rewinding Machine


The jumbo paper roll Slitting & Rewinding Machine is specifically designed for the jumbo paper slitting before the process of paper tube winding. The paper roll slitter rewinder is suitable to slit all kinds of Kraft paper, tea paperboard, grass paperboard, calico and art paper cutting etc.

Paper Composite Tube Production Line is mainly composed of Paper Tube Winding Machine,Paper Core Cutting Machine,Paper Tube Labeling Machine,Paper Tube Curling and Lid Sealing Machine ,Paper Tube Slitting and Rewinding Machine ,Paper Round Box Bottom Disc Inserting and Curling Machine ,Paper Tube Feeding White Latex Labeling and Cutting MachineServo Motor Paper Tube Curling Machine,Automatic Paper Tube Round Disc Inserting Machine etc.


1. Two blades cutting; thicken blade;

2. The two side of the paper will be smooth after the cutting, without any burring;

3. Tray paper will be tidy with two sides feat;

4. With the computer rectified system and it can rectified automatically;

5. All the operation will be finished on the panel with ease operation;

6. With high capacity, the single machine can be provided for three sets of reel-pipe machine;

7. S.S structure body; beautiful performance;

8. Pneumatic discharge with easy operation

9. Double magnetic powder brake control, and with equally tension

Main specification

Technical Parameter

Control system

Jumbo roll width

25-1600 mm

PLC controller


Unwinder diameter

1300 mm

Touch screen


Rewinder diameter

1100 mm



Slitting speed

0-300 m/min

Electrical product


Slitting range

60-600 g

Signal part


Re-winding method

Air shaft

Pneumatic part


Blade quantity

21 pairs

Driving system

Load paper roll

Pneumatic way

Main motor

5.5 KW

Speed adjust


Load paper power

2.2 KW

Power supply


Correction motor

Y110 6:1

Mainframe & Weight

Winding reducer


Un-winder part

1300*3000*1200 mm

Load paper reducer


Re-winder part

2300*2800*1400 mm

Driving way

Connected bearing



Equipped devices



Load paper way

Pneumatic way


5000 KG

Unload paper way

Pneumatic way


Auto edge correction

Electric screw correct device

Useful tool

1 set

Counter meters

Pneumatic adjust


Hex wrench

Tension correction

Pneumatic adjust

One instruction manual


Double steam brake adjust

Machine photos

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